Reminder: School re-opens after the summer break on Thursday 30th August!

Ms. Cahill says, “Goodbye and Thank You!” …please click here: March 18 Newsletter

Niamh Forristal, our Home School Coordinator reminds us of the importance of smiling, that it’s cool to be kind and that we need to think of others as well as ourselves!!!

Our wonderful writers have displayed some of their terrific texts:

Our Mindfulness Room is looking great. A huge thanks to Helena, Ciara and Charlie, for helping to set it up this year.

So nice to be mind-ful and not mind-full…

Our pupils’ imaginative and creative response to some more famous grown-up artists:

Winter is just a memory now:

Just a little taster of St. Brigid’s at Christmas:

Getting ready for the Peace Proms! Fifty-two girls performed with many other choirs in the RDS on Saturday, the 4th of February 2017.

This is getting to be an annual event for the pupils of St. Brigid’s.


Reminder: we’re on the lookout again for our new Maths Magicians each month. Just pick a Fun Maths Puzzle or two from the boxes and try them out! Parents and Guardians are more than welcome to get involved. Remember: the more puzzles you try, the better your chance of winning… Have some fun!

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We raised our 6th Green Flag on Monday, 20th June 2016, at 11.00 a.m!! Ms. Cooney and three Green Schools’ Committee members collected the flag at a ceremony in the Helix on 24th May 2016. Thanks to all of the school community for getting behind our topic of Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. Finally, after organising everybody behind the scenes for the last five flags, Ms. Cooney gets to raise this one herself!!

‘Well Done!’ to all the pupils and teachers who worked so well together for this flag. Particular congratulations to Ms. Cooney and the Green Schools Committee!!

Here is the very busy 2015-2016 Green Schools Committee:

Litter and Waste by Shauna Brannigan:

Litter is always caused by people. It is waste in the wrong place which ruins the appearance of our towns and countryside. Litter has many forms and many sources, from sweet wrappers thrown on the street to a dumped bag of rubbish. Authorities spend millions of Euros every year on cleaning the streets of Ireland.

Household and commercial waste production in Ireland has increased dramatically in the last twenty years. Landfills all around the country are under severe pressure, shileour non-renewable resources are being exhausted at alarming rates. The amount of waste produced has increased over the last decade to about three million tonnes (3,000,000 tonnes).

We are trying to change the way people think about litter and waste in our area.

Global Citizenship by Saoirse Salveta:


  • There were 419,733 non Irish nationals living in Ireland in April 2006.
  • 52,500 of these were children under the age of 14.
  • 75,687 of these were children and young adults.
  • 28,347 of these were E.U. citizens.

The World

  • 20% of the global population own 80% of the global wealth.
  • Climate change seems to affect the less developed parts of the world first.
  • The developed world is mainly responsible for the change in the climate.

St. Brigid’s Recycled Hat Competition

Congratulations girls. It was the hardest competition to judge in St. Brigid’s to date:

The Winning Milliners!
The Winning Milliners!

St. Brigid’s Big Travel Challenge

The Green-Schools Travel Competition took place in February. We walked to school or remembered to ‘Park & Stride’ to school for ten days, from the 10th to 25th of February 2016. Schools all over Ireland took part. We took on this challenge of achieving a measurable increase in a sustainable mode of travel; walking ( Park & Stride).

Well Done St. Brigid’s!

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This site has a huge number of activities in all subject areas:
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Click here to download INTO Booklet Tips for Parents – Your Child in the Primary School – June 2015