Digital School

Information • Communications • Technology

Information Technology is the fastest-changing area of education at the moment. Here in St. Brigid’s our aim is to educate the pupils in how to engage safely with ICT, both to communicate and to access information.

The computers in St. Brigid’s are networked to a school server. Internet access is filtered through the Schools’ Broadband Network. We require all parents/guardians to return completed permissions for St. Brigid’s Acceptable Use Policy before the pupils may use the computers.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated computer room, which is maintained by Vlad, our I.T. technician. We also have interactive whiteboards or digital projectors in all of the mainstream classrooms. We are working on our e-learning plan presently. In the short-term we will replace digital projectors with interactive whiteboards and install interactive whiteboards in the SEN rooms. We have recently received a small number of iPads, through generous donations and will continue to add to this number over the next few years.

The PDST Technology in Education (formerly NCTE) recently provided in-school training for our teachers on the use of technology in education. We also engage with, which teaches about safety on the internet and we organised for workshops with Barnardos and our local Garda Liaison Officer to work with pupils and parents on the topic of Cyberbullying.