School Self Evaluation & School Improvement Plan

While we focus on all curriculum subjects every year, for the past number of years we have concentrated on Numeracy in our School Improvement Plan. We have seen huge gains across the school, both in the confidence of pupils working on Numeracy and in their Maths skills.

We chose Literacy as our second chosen area of focus, in particular Oral Literacy. Just as in Numeracy, we spent some time looking at attitudes of pupils, teachers and parents/guardians, in order to better plan for the coming years. A huge thanks for your returned questionnaires. We will keep you posted on how you might support your child/children in this area.

And it goes on… For our third area, we decided to look at History in general, and on the local Finglas area in particular. Again, questionnaires were compiled and attitudes/knowledge was examined. We’re fortunate to have some great local historians and family members who are willing to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise but are always grateful for more. If you have an interest in or knowledge about the local area, which you are willing to share, please feel free to contact us!