The Helix – Getting the Flag.

We had a lovely day in The Helix picking up our new Green Flag. The girls did St. Brigid’s proud.

Raising our 6th Green Flag – Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste

Thanks to all in St. Brigid’s for helping us celebrate the raising of the flag. Well done everyone, especially Charlie for orgainising the flag pole.

Quavers and Quadratics

Fifth class were very fortunate to take part in a music and science programme run by Trinity College Dublin.  Emily and Meave, science and music students, came to our class to teach us all about the links between music and science. We then spent a day at The National Concert Hall where we sang The Galaxy Song, learned about the orchestra, made our own instruments, performed and took part in lots of interesting science experiments. We had a great time!


Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

Children's painted hands