Proclamation Day 2016

On the 16th of March,  all of the children from the junior and senior school, parents, guardians, visitors and staff gathered at the front of the school before 12 p.m.  At 12 p.m. both schools raised the Irish flag and the Proclamation was read out. Then everyone sang Amhrán na bhFiann beautifully. Boys and girls from both the junior and senior school then read a new Proclamation for the Future, which they had composed.  All parents, visitors and staff then watched as each class performed dances and songs in the school yard. Top class entertainment was provided. The Irish dancers also gave us a great exhibition of Irish dancing.   There was an excellent display of memorabilia from 1916 on display in the hall. Well done to all and thanks to all the parents, guardians and visitors for showing their support on a proud day for our school



Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

Children's painted hands