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St Brigids Soccer

The first annual St. Brigid’s Cup was won by the Junior side 2-1 in a competitive fixture. Both teams enjoyed great support from the side-lines.

Marine Environment Poetry

6th Class were learning about the Marine Environment and wrote some poetry.


A beady eyed fish,

A seahorse made the water go swish,

A plastic water bottle,

An earring has sunk to the bottom,

A shark with a plan,

There is a sunken fan,

A clam with a pearl,

That man who is littering is named Earl,

A lovely red ribbon,

The dolphins belly jiggled, 

An old whale,

All part of a fishes tale.

By Brooke Boyd

What’s in the Ocean?

A bottle, a squid

An a couple of quid,

An eagles feather,

And a fish hook tether,

An aluminium dish,

And a school of fish,

A plastic bottle wrapper,

And a stingray zapper,

And a bunch of dolphins.

By Megan Mc

What’s in the Sea?

What could there be?

A multicoloured fish,

A leftover dish,

A deck of cards,

And some candy bars.

A clam with a bead,

A shark with a really sharp nose,

And a starfish doing a pose.

By Daisy Buckley