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Tree Day in the National Botanic Gardens

On Thursday the 4th of October 2018 the three 2nd classes travelled by bus to the National Botanic Gardens for Tree Day.

We were brought around by two tour guides and had so much fun! Michelle brought us to see an elm tree and the children’s garden where we created leaf and bark rubbings. We learned about the rings of the tree, and did a quiz based on seeds. Ms. Mc Mullen and Ms. McGrane were given an apple each that had been grown in the garden. They were delicious!

We visited the wild Ireland section of the gardens and saw some oak trees and a hawthorn tree where Michelle told us tales of how the fairies granted wishes to those who tied ribbons onto the tree. We collected leaves and also saw some squirrels collecting food for hibernation.

Back to School on Thursday 30th August

School is open for all pupils from Thursday, 30th August. We look forward to welcoming back all the familiar faces and to meeting our new pupils.

Reminder: both Thursday and Friday are full school days, beginning at 9.00 a.m. and finishing at 2.40 p.m.

We hope all our pupils and their families have had a lovely summer break!

3rd & 4th Class School Tour 2018


On Thursday the 14th of June all the girls from 3rd and 4th class travelled by bus to Kinsealy to NZone for their school tour. We had a fantastic time, we played on the bouncy castle, frisbee, dodge the tennis ball and many other games. We also had our lunch there it was delicious. The morning culminated in the teachers joining in and playing a game of dodge the tennis ball which was great fun to watch!

We took the bus back to the local park and enjoyed playing in the playground and had a lovely ice-cream as well. It was a brilliant day!