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Message from Ms Loughman

With the news yesterday that schools will remain closed for next week we would like to send a few reminders:

It is great for the children to continue to learn and revise skills and information while the school is closed but the most important thing for everyone right now is to stay well physically and mentally.

This is an exceptional time and teachers understand that it is impossible to recreate at home what we do in a classroom full of children.

We are not expecting students to make huge progress during this time in terms of their academic learning  – if they don’t slide backwards and still remember what they have covered already once they come back to school that would be great. 

It is particularly challenging for children with special educational needs, learning or behavioral difficulties to learn at a time like this.

Children are worried and scared at the moment – like we are as adults – it is difficult to avoid this – the best thing we can do to support them right now is to make them feel loved and secure – they are more likely to remember how they felt at this time than what they learned.

At some point in the future this will be over, the school will re-open and we will begin to, slowly, put things back together somewhat like before, we need to be brave and help each other so that we have the capacity to put things back together when this time comes. 

We understand that the tv and technology are sometimes necessary to keep the peace at home – but we would remind parents to be vigilant around monitoring use of social media particularly with older children at times like this (there is a lot of disturbing and inappropriate content online).

Try to do things with your children that normally none of us have time to do – take a day off school in your pyjamas if you all need it (your teacher won’t know!).
Keep a diary – this is a historic time and it’s also good handwriting practice – or try putting together your own family’s time capsule to report this historic time for your family (working as a historian).

Call your granny, grandad, auntie, uncle, cousin – or even better write them a letter.
Be kind and look after each otherKeep staying at home as much as possible and keep washing your hands.

The hse website is updated daily (and sometimes more frequently) – call your doctor if you are feeling unwell.
We understand that there is extra pressure at home when siblings and parents are competing over use of technology.

Keep up the physical activity and get out in the fresh air (at a safe distance from others).
Try baking (mathematical measurement skills) and gardening (science skills).

We will continue to try to support the learning at home and to provide resources and strategies we think may be helpful but we also understand that not everyone is in a position to do this – do as much as you can or what works for your family and circumstances.

We miss all the children and normal school life….but we will be together again.

Stay safe and healthy. 
Siobhán Loughman

Suggestions for activities and educational websites you can use to support your child are on the previous post. Click on the next link at the bottom of this page.


Suggestions to help your children when learning from home:

From Monday the 30th of March RTE will be showing a classroom based program for 1st to 6th class students . It will air from 11-12 daily.

This is a list of websites and activities that may be useful when your child finishes work set by their class teacher. Some of the websites need you to register but they are all free. Under each web link or suggestion there is a short description.

Links to support children with special needs. OT, Speech and Language and academic support are all included.

Over 100 mini ebooks for different ages.

Phonics games for younger classes and pupils who need extra support.

A free 10 minute audio clip from his latest book per day.

A website with graded comprehensions. Anyone who attends Ms Ryan’s English groups is already set up and has a login name and password on the front of their copy. You do a 20 minute assessment and then the website gives you stories and questions at your own level. Great for independent work.

Typing practice through games.

YouTube: TG Lurgan
Videos, songs and games through Gaeilge.


Maths activities organised by class level
YouTube: Laugh Along and Learn (times tables)

Problem solving maths and science activities.

YouTube: Art with Cassie Stephens

A huge selection of videos and activities to cover Geography and Science. It would also be very useful for project work.

A wide selection of activities based on school subjects and organised by class level

World book day

We celebrated World Book Day in St. Brigids SGNS by decorating our classroom doors, dressing up as our favourite characters, buying new books from the book fair, listening to a storyteller and entertaining book report and cover competitions! Everyone had a great time!

Engineers week

We celebrated Engineers week with a design challenge. Bridges had to have a span of 30cm and hold a weight to 500g. These are some of the bridges that made the final of our competition. The standard was extremely high and all our students should be very proud of their work.