Home Learning May 20th

Family Project Ideas for Home Learning 25 May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
The theme for this week is Summer.
School work for this week is based around learning in the home. Our teachers have put together many ideas that you can choose from.

We would recommend that you choose something from English, Gaeilge and Maths everyday and then one other topic that you would like to do. There are many ideas to choose from. A good idea might be to work with siblings or perhaps contact your friends or cousins on Zoom or Skype where possible and work together.
Please try your best to engage with your child’s class teacher by email. Email addresses were sent out by text a few weeks ago.


Write a poem about Summer. Choose a new topic for each line Eg:
The weather is very hot (weather)
I see a daisy and a forget me not (flowers)
We had a BBQ last night (food)
A bumble bee gave me a fright (insects)

  • Acrostic poems using ‘ Summer’

Practice tongue twisters https://www.smart-words.org/tongue-twisters.html Can you make up your own tongue twister?

-World Turtle Day 23th May. Research and write a report on the different types of turtles. Include appearance, diet, habitat, and efforts for conservation. See https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/sea-turtle for information on conservation efforts (integrated with SESE).

-Create a summer wordsearch for your family. Include words that remind you of summer (sun, weather, hot, icecream..) Don’t forget to list the words at the bottom so your family know what words to look for.

  • Write a narrative story about your dream summer – Mention your dream destination, who you would bring with you (Can be friends/family or your favourite celebrity), what would you do there etc…
  • Write a summer narrative using this beginning ‘All I could see was a speck on the horizon, the beach was deserted but there seemed to be a noise coming from somewhere…’
  • Games My Grandparents Played in the Past: Interview your grandparents about the types of games they played in the past, particularly the ones they played outside in the summer time. This activity integrates well with SESE- History)


-draw your home and label all the rooms. Vocabulary needed can be found here https://quizlet.com/139358636/rooms-in-the-house-irish-flash-cards/ and here https://polymath.org/irish_house.php/

  • Imir an cluiche 20 ceist (20 questions based on famous people etc) www.seomraranga.com/tag/fiche-ceist/
  • Bain trial as amhrán a foghlaim as Gaeilge agus é a chanadh le do chairde nó do chlann. learn one of the many songs sung as Gaeilge by the students of Lurgan.
  • Réamhfhaisnéas na haimsire (record yourselves creating the weather forecast using as many suitable props as you can find)
  • Lig ort go bhfuil tú ag dul ag siopadóireacht i gcóir roinnt eadaí nua, úsáid na cartaí seo chun cabhrú leat. (pretend you are going shopping for some new clothes, use these phrases and questions to help you)

Cad a fheiceann tú sa ghairdín samhraidh – Scríobh cúpla abairt faoi

Cuir na focail seo faoin samhraidh in órd aibítre

Dúshlán Ghníomhaíochtaí samhraidh – cé mhéad acu ab fhéidir leat a dheanamh i rith an tsamhraidh.

Lig ort go bhfuil tú ag an trá – chum comhrá idir tú féin agus do chara faoi eachtra a tharla nuair a bhí tú ann. Mar shampla: chuaigh tú ag snámh, chonaic tú portán sna carraigeacha, bhí an ghriain ag taithneamh ach go toban thosaigh sé ag cur baistí
Feicim le mo shúilín beag… An samhradh
• Cruthaigh cuardach focal le foclóir a bhaineann le Samhraidh


Explore time through activities. Estimate before doing any challenge. Time yourself walking to the park and back home. Set a timer and see how many jumping jacks you can do in 1 minute. How many times can you write your name in 30 seconds? How many times can you take off and put on your shoes in 2 minutes? Make up your own challenges. Change the length of times involved. Can you make up and solve word problems based on this information?

  • Look online for interesting facts, like the tallest and shortest people, biggest and smallest buildings, longest and shortest roads in the country etc
  • Solve maths problems at home. For eg, how long will it take you to get to Granny’s house if you go to Tesco on the way etc
  • WEIGHT HOME HUNT:Find these items in your house and feel the weight of them. Estimate the weight. Then using a weighing scales, measure the item and record the actual weight.
    (i) a) Frying pan b) Tin of food c) Book d) 5 potatoes e) apple
    (ii) Find the difference in weight between the heaviest object and the lightest
    Find objects in your kitchen that you think weigh between 1kg-2kg, 1kg, 500g and 200g.
    Then with your scales, measure the item and record the actual weight.
    If you don’t have a weighing scales, find items in your kitchen that weigh about 1kg, 2kg, 500g, 200g and 100g. Record all items and estimated weight.
    Pick 10 items from your house that have weight written on them. Put them into pairs and find:
    a. The combined weight of the first pair
    b. The difference in weight between the second pair
    c. Find the difference in weight between the third pair and multiply by 5
    d. Add the fourth and the fifth pair and divide by 2
    e. Find the weight of the 4 heaviest items
  • Other Maths Work;
    • Length: height and width of gates, post-boxes, letter-boxes, length of driveways, perimeter of signs, envelopes, stamps
    • Area: how many stamps would cover an envelope?
    • Weight: weight of letters and parcels, weight of a postbag
    • Time: length of the postperson’s working day
    • Money: cost of sending letters to different places, parcel post costs, special delivery rates, overseas rates, costs of other facilities provided by An Post
      Shape and space: shape of letters and stamps
    • symmetry in road signs and house numbers
      Data: graphs of size, weight, cost of postage
    • graphs of letters or parcels delivered per day, per week

Parents/Guardians could work on this topic with children at an age appropriate level
-Shape hunt- indoor and outdoor.
Money – Estimate the cost of the weekly shopping with an adult at home. Compile the family shopping list (English) and guess the amount of money you will need. Compare the difference between your estimate and the actual cost of the shopping. Identify the cheapest and the dearest item on the receipt, find the difference between the two.
Problem Solving – Children make up their own problems everyday and ask a family member to solve it.


  • Create an obstacle course in the garden/park.
  • Sports Day : Potato and Spoon race, sack race (hop if no sack), long throw, long kick.
  • Family challenges. Who gets the most steps on the fitbit, who can do the most jumping jacks in a minute etc…
  • Try a go noodle yoga or workout
  • Create a scoop and catch game using a milk carton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IARChEvA5Y&feature=youtu.be
  • Practise or learn a popular line dance Like the Cupid Shuffle for Example Or the Sid Shuffle from the movie Ice Age
  • Create a dance with your siblings/ family to a popular song.
  • It is important as the summer is upon us to go over our water safety rules. There is a great free programme for all primary school children here with lots of useful resources https://watersafety.ie/primary-school/
  • 10 second challenge – Game where you say the name of something e.g. house, tree and everyone has 10 seconds to move your body into that shape
  • Create a dance routine to accompany your song about staying safe/ thanks to essential workers (See music activity above)
  • Create a yoga routine to accompany telling a story (see Cosmic Kids yoga)
    Practice GAA skills. Dublin GAA have put together a video of different skills and drills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kikFKeu7TwU


  • Create a soundscape for a popular fairy tale.
  • Create a soundscape to go with the theme of ‘One Sunny Day’.
    -Make instruments out of recycled items, compose a tune using these handmade instruments
    -Change the lyrics of a pop song explaining how to keep safe during this time, hygiene tips etc./ how we need to work together / thank you song for the essential workers
  • Choose a song that reminds you of summer – Draw/Write what you see/feel when you hear this song.


Photograpy Competition

Take a photo showing summer patterns in nature. Send your photograph to msaryanschool@gmail.com with your name and class. The top photographer will win a prize!

  • Create a summer scene using recycled goods- cardboard, milk cartons etc.
  • Create a game, use recyclables to design your own game. Create rules for your family to follow.
  • Mindfulness colouring on kitchen roll paper. Follow and colour the different patterns on the tissue paper.
    Fairytale. Scene from a story Eg Cinderella or get then to get an old flop or shoe and decorate it -cinderella’s princess shoe
  • Make you own projectors. Use an empty toilet roll holder, cover one end of it with cling film and use an elastic band/string to hold it in place. Cut out different shapes/animals and stick to the top
    of the end with the cling film. Use a torch from a phone and shine it through the other end of the toilet roll and face it towards a wall. You’ll then see the shape appear on the wall.
  • Create stained glass windows using masking tape and some chalk on the pavement
  • Make and design a gift for a family member, friend or neighbour
  • Create a bug hotel for your garden.
    Art Competition: Based on the hero in your lives helping you through this time. This hero should be a person known to you. Some examples:
  • Maybe it’s your Mam or Dad who is working on the frontline
  • Perhaps it’s your Granny or Grandad who are sticking out cocooning like a trooper
  • Maybe it’s your Aunt or Uncle who are checking in on elderly neighbours
  • Could it be your brother or sister who helped to keep you entertained throughout the lockdown?
  • Perhaps it could be your neighbour who is working around the clock as a paramedic or your cousin who is delivering goods to shops?
  • For more inspiration check out dedicated facebook and instagram pages where some excellent submissions to date have been featured
    Submissions are open until June 3rd and you could find full details on the website. www.drawyourhero.ie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drawyourhero/ Instagram:drawyourhero2020
  • Check out the bloom festival website and try to create a diorama of your favourite garden www.bordbiabloom.ie
  • Recreate a famous painting using photography
  • Example:
    • Design an amusement park using recycled materials. Plan this out first. (Maths area,length and width).
    • Summer theme art- Sunshades,flip flops, icecream.
    • Design a water safety poster.
  • Summer flip flop art
  • Tie dye some of clothing with different colours with adult supervision

Cardboard Wings!

Cardboard boxes provide so many opportunities for dressing up. Make yourself a set of wings out of whatever boxes you have depending on the size, you could be a butterfly, a dragonfly or a bee! Attach them using string, ribbon or elastic, and decorate them to make them shine!!!

Do a nature walk around your home and collect flowers along the way. Observe the flowers when you get home and draw them onto a piece of paper. Decorate around them to create a pretty summer/flower scene.
Draw so cute art. Has summer themed art, for example Countryside Scenery.

Design and paint rocks


Design and make a paper aeroplane. Test your plane indoors and out. Try different ways of throwing it and use it in different weather conditions. What changes will you make the next time you do it? Research aeroplane design online. How have designs changed over time? Write a report on the earliest aeroplanes or pilots.
Use crayons and paper to make rubbings of different trees in your area
Draw and describe different flowers and birds you see
Test your pulse before and after exercise.
Senses Experiments- Blindfold taste test
Apple Experiment ‘ What keeps an apple from browning’ slice an apple into 5 separate dishes, soak the slice in the following: Nothing, Milk, Baking soda, Vinegar, Lemon Juice. Which is effective/ least effective etc.


-Nature walk in the sunshine. Taking note of the different flowers and trees you spot along the way.

  • Build your own tent/fort using blankets/chairs etc.. Record how you carried out the activity including materials/objects needed. Draw a picture of what your fort/tent turned out like. IKEA has instructions on their website if children need help.
    -Nature walk collage – go on a walk and collect items on the way such as leaves, flowers etc. and make a collage out of these materials
  • The life cycle of a Sunflower, and plant sunflower seeds. Life cycle of a sunflower reading comprehension https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/t-l-51705-sunflower-plant-life-cycle-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity
  • The life cycle of a butterfly

Self- Assessment Ideas

  • Reflective Journal on a Friday: the child records what she has learned that particular week- a nice idea, simple to explain and also for the child to do. They can explain what they have learnt and what they found easy or difficult and who they worked with.

All subjects

  • Create a quiz together for other family members
  • Design a Summer Camp poster incorporating a variety of themes and ideas.
  • Drama – use an Irish myth/legend to recreate as a mini-drama using the storyboard you created for history.
    -Art/Drama – create some props using recycled materials and create a drama to show your family e.g. turn cereal box into crown and make a princess drama


Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

Children's painted hands