Home learning 18th May

Family Project Ideas for Home Learning 18 May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
School work for this week is based around learning in the home. Our teachers have put together many ideas that you can choose from.
We would recommend that you choose something from English, Gaeilge and Maths everyday and then one other topic that you would like to do. There are many ideas to choose from. A good idea might be to work with siblings or perhaps contact your friends or cousins on Zoom or Skype where possible and work together.


  • Reading: Children read examples of Narrative Writing e.g. Fairy tales, Myths, Legends.
  • Oral Language: Children make up their own stories and tell them to parent/guardian.
  • Writing: Children write their own stories. The framework includes: Title; Setting; Events including a problem, Resolution. A problem always arises in Narrative Writing which gets solved by the end of the story.
  • Create a ‘Fakebook’ profile for a Fairy Tale character. Design a profile picture just like Facebook, write what they might on their page, list of friends etc.
    -Write a film/ book review
  • Writing postcards to friends. Focus on correct address, postcodes.
  • Prepare a questionnaire for your local postperson: How many houses/apartments are on your route?
    Do you plan your own route or are there set routes to follow?
    Things you like/dislike about your job?
    Summer/Winter uniforms?
    How do you cover the area you have to deliver letters/parcels to?
    Wrong addresses – what do you do?
    Why did you choose this job?
    why is your job important?
    Write a ‘thank you’ letter to your postperson when they have returned your questionnaire.

-ag scríobh liosta siopadóireachta don ollmhargadh
-ag scríobh carta poist chuig do chara

Dán contaetha na hÉireann https://content.twinkl.co.uk/resource/e2/a4/roi-gge-118-counties-of-ireland-poem-gaeilge_ver_1.pdf?token=exp=1589465539~acl=%2Fresource%2Fe2%2Fa4%2Froi-gge-118-counties-of-ireland-poem-gaeilge_ver_1.pdf%2A~hmac=fd6331cb024371ba20236f1cb42ba803519c29ecfbdb6ada3bdf8a0bde8c23a8

ScrIobh litir chuig do chara, an aimsir, cluiche a imirt sa teachlach, ranga sa bhaile.

Writing: Children write their own stories. The framework includes: Title; Setting; Events including a problem, Resolution. A problem always arises in Narrative Writing which gets solved by the end of the story.
For writing stories as Gaeilge there are dictionaries available online.

Ask your Postperson

  • How many metres/kilometres do you travel every day?
  • What time do you start/finish your route – how long does it take to complete?
  • Count the post for one week and find the average amount of letters per day – ask the postperson to give you some idea of the volume of post delivered daily.
  • Devise a Maths Trail to the local Post Office.
  • Look online for interesting facts, like the tallest and shortest people, biggest and smallest buildings, longest and shortest roads in the country etc
    Solve maths problems at home. For eg, how long will it take you to get to Granny’s house if you go to Tesco on the way etc.
    Maths: Children create/write their own word problems and then solve them.
  • Collect information and create a tally chart to find out the family’s favourite fruit, snack or animal etc
  • Make patterns with objects, colouring pencils, paint or play-doh. Build structures with lego or boxes

– Use a reasonable imaginary shopping budget, then go onto one of the supermarket websites eg. supervalue.ie or tesco.ie and plan a weekly shop! Make a list of what you might need then add up the amounts and see if you stayed within budget. Check you have enough to manage for the week!


  • Joe Wicks workouts on youtube live everyday @ 9am
  • Create a new game using only a ball
  • Pick your favourite Just Dance Video on Youtube and bust a move – Or Download the Just Dance App and have a virtual dance competition with your friends
  • Physical activity calendar https://twitter.com/PDSTpe/status/1238498111221309440/photo/1

Research a Saint of your choice – mini project


  • Use a well known fairytale and create a rap song for it
  • Use household objects to create percussion instruments to play along to your favourite songs.
  • Perform a song using only body percussion/humming etc and have people guess what song it is
  • Create a quarantine song about staying safe and staying at home, using as many of the guidelines you can think of e.g. washing hands, catching a sneeze, staying 2m apart.


  • Design the bed the princess from the princess and the pea slept in. Use as many different materials/paints/crayons etc. Define the layers and use contrasting colours. Try to use old clothing/scarves/t-shirts to add texture.
  • Design a stamp showing your favourite fairytale character, castle, magical creature etc.
  • design your own postbox – choose a colour and decide why this would be a good colour. – Paint/colour or construct a postbox, explain the shape you’ve chosen to use and why?
  • Develop an art project with siblings. All the family trace their hands onto coloured paper. The hands are then stuck on top of each other with simple ‘X Family, Quarantine 2020’.
  • You could draw (in chalk) on a crack on their path and send photos to teacher by email
  • Creating a drawing using a flower in your garden, park, dandelions, daisies, grass etc as part of your drawing. – Photography – create a slideshow/collage of photographs

Object in the sky!
Research any of the following:
Sun, moon, stars, constellations, galaxies, Pluto, comets, meteors, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, black hole, nebula
Name your object
Describe your object using 3 adjectives
If we could see this object we might see:…….
Tell 2 interesting facts about your object
You could create a 3D model of your object and display it in your window!


  • A project on Finglas in the past and present, this could integrate History, Geography etc.

Self- Assessment Ideas

  • Reflective Journal on a Friday: the child records what she has learned that particular week- a nice idea, simple to explain and also for the child to do. They can explain what they have learnt and what they found easy or difficult and who they worked with.


Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

Children's painted hands