Home Learning May 11th

Family Project Ideas for Home Learning 11 May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

School work for this week is based around learning in the home. Our teachers have put together many ideas that you can choose from.

We would recommend that you choose something from English, Gaeilge and Maths everyday and then one other topic that you would like to do everyday. There are many ideas to choose from. A good idea might be to work with siblings or perhaps contact your friends or cousins on Zoom or Skype and work together.


  • Keeping a journal
  • Letter Writing to friends/family members/ classmates (where possible)
  • Writing recipes
  • Create a board game and write instructions for it (Maths/Art integration)
  • Writing book reports/film reviews and compare with a friend
  • Collaborative Writing. Recommend ‘Fighting Words’ website to families. Write/discuss how they’ve found this time period, the changes they’ve noticed in society etc… Different prompts and exercises – what goes into a story? Plot, heroes, imagination etc… Discuss different characters – what role do they play in the story? What’s stopping them doing that? (Problem) and how do they solve it. Share on zoom with the other family members, work on it individually and then come back to one another and piece the story together.
  • Time Capsule. Write a letter to your older self explaining what is happening in our country at this time. Add some items into the box and bury the letter and items somewhere in your back garden. Dig it up when this is all over.

-Write a letter/postcard to a friend as Gaeilge
-Create a comic strip of your day, sentence(s) under each picture

• Local maths trail
• Use the argos catalogue to redecorate a room in your house using a specific budget
• Create homemade playdough using specific measurements (google salt dough)
• Baking a recipe with your family, measuring out the required ingredients
• Collect data on the different colours of cars on your road and show this on a graph
• Write down the capacity(ml/l) of liquids you find around the home
• Talk about time. For eg, work out what time you need to leave the house to get to classes/training/school on time etc How long until your favourite tv programme? What time is the Late Late Show on Friday night? What time will it end? How long is the show on for? etc
• Create an obstacle course in the garden/park.
• Sports Day : Potato and Spoon race, sack race (hop if no sack), long throw, long kick.
• Family challenges. Who gets the most steps on the fitbit, who can do the most jumping jacks in a minute etc…

May is the month of Mary.
• You could make a May altar. Add some flowers that are blooming at the moment. You could add a candle. You could add some rosary beads. Or colour/draw a picture of Mary
• You could say the “Hail Mary” this month and pray for all the frontline workers in our community and the people who are sick with the coronavirus.
• You could also try saying the prayer in Irish Sé do Bheatha a Mhuire | Archdiocese of Dubli
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  • Develop an art project with siblings. All the family trace their hands onto coloured paper. The hands are then stuck on top of each other with simple ‘X Family, Quarantine 2020’.
  • They could draw (in chalk) on a crack on their path and send photos to us.
  • Creating a drawing using a flower in your garden, park, dandelions, daisies, grass etc as part of your drawing. Differentiation possible for older and younger children.
  • Photography – create a slideshow/collage of photographs


  • Create a mini garden in a box, using cuttings from their garden or leaves and sticks collected on a walk
  • Planting seeds / mini vegetable garden
    -make slime
    Test different items around the house to see which ones sink or float


Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

Children's painted hands