Procedural Writing: Perfect for Hallowe’en

We’ve been learning how to write “Procedural Writing Texts”.  Here are a couple of our own ideas. Don’t try these at home!!

How to Make School Disappear 
99 pupils
36 eggs
99 jars
26 frogspawn eggs
44 rats and water

Step 1: Put really hot water into the cauldron
Step 2: Get 36 eggs and add them in
Step 3: Put 26 frogspawn eggs in. Stir.
Step 4: Kill 44 rats and take all the eyes out of them.
Step 5: Give it a good stir or the poison will not work.
Step 6: Put the poison into 99 jars carefully.
Step 7: Get everyone out of the school.
Step 8: Give 99 pupils a jar and make them open it and throw it at the school.
Step 9: Get the 99 pupils to throw it at their school. Their school will disappear in 2 mins.

By Ellie 4th Class R. 4

Spell To Turn Teachers Into Chocolate

Chocolate shavings
Teacher’s nose hair
Rat’s droppings
Pig’s liver
Frog spawn
Boiling water


Step 1: Put the pig’s liver, the frogspawn and boiling water into a cauldron.
Step 2: Dice the rat’s droppings and add them to the cauldron.
Step 3: Slowly, add the chocolate shavings and the teacher’s nose hair.
Step 4: Stir ten times anti-clockwise or until you have a dust.
Step 5: Sprinkle 1 pinch of dust on your teacher and in exactly 1 minute you should have chocolate.

By Shauna 4th Class 



Our Motto

“Together let’s live for today and learn for tomorrow”

was created along with our crest in 2012 and both continue to be as relevant today as they were then.

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